How to expand your network

with openwrt

following this tutorial? 


Define some terms:

Description of 2 methods:
MODE 1: BRIDGED REPEATER (one network)

    1. Extend the house network
    2. Extend an independent network (from a laptop for instance)

In the case of the house network, we start by extending an existing wireless node: botnet-eugene-eliza for instance.

    1. have the freshly flashed router connect to another network as a client. ( )
    2. install relayd (opkg update; opkg install relayd; /etc/init.d/relayd enable)
    3. set the network and wireless to repeat ( )

Interface: A physical or virtual layer on top of  which the network runs.
Bridged: Connecting two interfaces as one network (as opposed to routed, where traffic is redirected between different networks)

To configure wifi by command line

For working with wifi in openWrt there is a script /sbin/wifi. The file  /etc/config/wireless is responsible for wifi configuration. and this is documented here:
    install relayd to make the repeater
    and create a network with a different name but connected to in this case botnet cindy  edit config file to set lan and network ip adress suppress DHCP the repeater only repeat DHCP from one network to another