how to launch an irc bot made in python from the local git repository

irc bots are being created in different places on the local server, you can find some

10 interesting things to do with IRC http://relearn/botnet/Ten_things_IRC.html

to launch a python bot, you need to have python installed on your computer. 
to check if you have python installed, type python in the terminal.

to launch a python bot, you first need the irc python library (you need to install pip to download python libraries if you don't have it already)
$ sudo pip install irc 
you need to launch the bot from your terminal
$ cd /path_to_folder_where_your_bot_is_saved 
$ python --host url_server name_channel name_bot_in_channel, 
for example : python --host "#relearn" monk
to stop running the bot

how to use :
python --host relearn "#the_name_of_the_irc_channel_you_want_monk_to_log" the_name_you_chose_for_your_monk_bot copies the time, usernames, and messages of the users of a specific irc channel as long as it's running. it creates a directory to put the log into (it's called bible for the moment but you can modify it, just look between the lines 29 and 32). if you launch several times the bot on the same irc channel, it will append the discussions to the same file. you can then push your file to the git repository.