Proposal to create a bot that does ''writing the 2084 science fiction story''

[11:48] <sakasama> find a way for the bot to be less mecanic ?
[11:49] <sakasama> something more organic, with different timing ? delays can be programmed for instance
[11:51] <asimov> different genres, timings, layers, registers...
[11:51] <asimov> inside the same bot

Different publication channels

a datingbot gives instructions in your terminal about meetings in secret channels
[11:52] <asimov> different publication channels: the irc channel & the terminal f.i.
[11:52] <asimov> instructions in the terminal, f.i. join me in the secret room
invite(self, pseudonyme, canal): Invite un autre utilisateur à rejoindre le canal précisé.[11:52] <asimov> use conversation to build labyrinth of rooms for narrative

different science-fiction rooms: 

one character in conversation with dead authors

[11:54] <asimov> having conversation with dead authors
[11:54] <asimov> cfr retrofuturist short stories (in French)
[11:54] <sakasama> invite different temporalities

character(s) can connect with the media/news, around a certain topic (big brother related?)

[11:55] <asimov> insert the mediabomb
[11:55] <asimov> having one topic being bombed about in the media
[11:55] <asimov> insert it as one of the fictional narratives
[11:56] <sakasama> an insertbot !!

a conversation in this room will get a erotic twist thanks to the /slash bot 

character(s) interact with a wiki-bot 

replacement room, where the messages will be replaced --> letters into words & sentences

character(s) interact with archive-dot-org-bot 
(reply  privately providing a link of results based on first word of one's  post  in irc? or with a wayback machine entry if it is a link?)

character(s) interact with the journalist bot, getting 'real' articles from the generated fiction


a Tracebot records your readings through different rooms in textfile that you can spread/publish
[11:53]  <asimov> and collect the fiction written in the different  channels -> this is something an adapted 'monk' can do?

the user will be guided from room to room by entering the right 'secret code' in IRC
type: 'dear bot' in IRC, and the secretbot will take you to the hidden room
--> we can create different secret codes that will lead you to different rooms