TO DO (for this evening if possible)

 IMAGE RANGES to fill in with captions:
1-30 Loraine vvvvv
31-60 anita vvvvvvvv
60-90 martino havent done it yet vvvvvvvvvv
90-130 loraine (img nb086-nb117) vvvvvv
+ img nb 118-nb140 vvvvvvvv
Alexia  from 140-143 vvvvvvvv
feliz 144-149  vvvvvvvvv
loraine 150-180 vvvvvvvv
loraine 181-200 vvvvvvvvv
nb200 - nb230 Amandinevvvvvvvvv


------------------------>this header has been put in every txt file


        morning->introducing each others-backgrounds and interests (crossing domains, finding one's "field" too narrow)
        getting familiar with git+irc+pads (troubleshooting session/helping each others)
        intro to tools used for depackaging the book (ocr plus image cropping)
        sharing unexpected results from imagemagick multicrop
        issue of stealing from public and responsibility to republish + copyrights ->creative constrains?should we bother?
        we are republishing already
         pushing the raw images and texts on git; pulling it all locally; put  texts on pads for collaborative notes, keywords etc (longer than  expected, lesson learned!)
        new padylon starts taking shape
         division of the texts (each person picked pseudorandomly a text that  will be prepared for tuesday)(palace of justice trip postponed)
        ///////////lunch///////////(including finding the guest lost in the neighborhood :)
       15h  presentation from Merijn Oudenampsen--small discussion/reaction
        presentation from Joke Robaard--small discussion/reaction
        consensus and dissensus.contradictions.layers within project, its lifetime, its reception (the art bubble etc)
        bigger group discussion till closing time!-->notes of afternoon talks/discussion (limited-should get others' notes too)
        morning->  couple of hours of personal reading of the picked texts, preparation of  small presentation (keypoints and personal interests/links)
         [the idea was to give each others a minimal orientation in the material  present in the book, without having to go through all textes]
         12h->start with first (wigley's text)--the presentation is deviated,  it becomes a discussion, hard to impose rigidity over such a flexible  project.but still..
         metapoint: to leave things detouring or to bring them back to main  track? not a clear decision thereby till lunch we have a rather messy  touring between text presentations and talks--slightly more than 2 texts  touched in one hour; nevertheless some nice ties were made between  texts and previous day discussion
        +- 15h collective moment of meta-how to proceed? skip the next presentations and move to tools? else?
         decision to go on with presentations but to reaaally keep them short  and postpone the moment of discussion to another time.5 mintues max per  person-stress on keypoints and personal links
        (towards 15:30/16 we planned appointment with botnet group for playing with networks (in view of "trip") )
         in little more than half an hour 8 texts are done!but no time for  discussing them feels a bit unpleasant(?) only scattered notes taken on  pads about possible discussion points (but how to get back to them?how  to re-enact them after momentum is lost?)
        *gather notes people took,maybe make a bit more elaborated text about raised points
        some people wants to focus on network aspect of unitary urbanism-others on colors-images-formats-metadatas etc
         some improvised group splitting- some joins 2084 to play with  mesh/autonomous/nomad networks, some joins the 3d architectural tool  group to see possibilities to work with images (that have been a  problematic and a bit neglected point since the beginning). some  speculation about semantic links, xanadu, filesystems. some research  bots, others look at websites, others propose the creation of analog  situations to enact new babylon(an idea to play at palace of justice  maybe?) people are scattered and clustered (and tired) jump from theory  to practice has been perhaps to drastic?
         17h bits and sounds presentation. some joins, others kept working.  network group has some basics on flashing the routers with open-wrt and  later played with camera with embedded webserver-- set a laptop as local  server for pads and other things-->but we now need to come up with a  game, or other ways to make it a collective experiment at palace of  justice wednesday
         some ideas about navigating a single text (something inspired by  text-based adventure games)that would also link to other media and  content
        image group-->
         there was no coming together at the end of the day, so we still don't  know what people are up to, we'll discuss it in the morning, see how the  subgroups can communicate and interact (and their tools and experiments  too)
        till 11:30 touring worksessions
        update each others--
navigation through 
links (relative or absolute, symbolic)
as a fiction
a way to be re-apropriate by someone else
« simple way » (for the user or for us?)
timeline -->add after wigley and us to it

texts layer
notes layer

repetitions (as a repetition and as a copy) > texts and images
story of the texts and images steps publications

add metatdata (in the jpeg) 

Loraine is preparing the material to be usable (git)


to convert pages 0 to 200 in a pdf to separated jpg files: 
to crop images from a page with multiple images

used to try and make ocr out of the scanned pages
to make an hocr (including position of the text)

presentations on texts--drifting out of text (but not out of context

/// TODO //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
- copying metadata in .txt files corresponding to the images
- intro Wigley: put in the git (check the notes numbers) and dashes, etc.
- last part (timeline)
- README simple

This torrent contains the raw material of/for/from New Babylon, a project started in the 50s by Constant Nieuwenhuys. 
The material has been depackaged from Constant's New Babylon: Hyperarchitecture of desire, a book edited by Mark Wigely in 1998 on the occasion of an exhibition dedicated to New Babylon in Rotterdam.
The book was in fact meant to be the catalogue of the exhibition and thereby printed in limited copies. This scarcity and the absorption of this project in the art bubble transformed the book into an expensive collector item. 

This torrent contains textual and visual materials from New Babylon, a project started in the 50s by Constant Nieuwenhuys. 
The  material has been depackaged from Constant's New Babylon:  Hyperarchitecture of Desire, a book edited by Mark Wigely in 1998 on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to New Babylon that Wigley curated in Rotterdam.
The book is in fact the catalogue of the exhibition, thereby printed in amounts suitable to that  event. The book has quickly become a collector's item as the diffused interest in the material contrasted with the scarcity of the printed copies.
Some of the textual materials contained in the book are actually in the public domain. These can be found, together with many other texts from the Situationist International at:
yet another SI Archive -

This torrent contains the raw material of/for/from New Babylon, a project started in the 50s by Constant Nieuwenhuys. 
The  material has been depackaged from Constant's New Babylon:  Hyperarchitecture of desire, a book - catalogue, printed in limited copies. The book was edited by Mark Wigely in 1998 New Babylon in Rotterdam.
This scarcity and the absorption of  this project in the art bubble transformed the book into an expensive  collector item. Hereby is provided its content, some of which is also  available at
Spread around and  

main text for the README

This torrent contains the raw material of/for/from New Babylon, a project started in the 50s by Constant Nieuwenhuys. 
The material has been depackaged from Constant's New Babylon: Hyperarchitecture of desire book. The book - catalog,  edited by Mark Wigely in 1998 part of New Babylon exhibition in Rotterdam was printed in limited copies ( ), that became an expensive collector item. 

Hereby is provided its content, some of which is also available at


instructions/contribution: (modify this)
 If you are interested in joining NewBabyloners:
                    1) Send email to url.
                    2) Join #FiFOFiles or contact ddream on IRC.
                    3) Contact a member on one of the member boards.

  We are currently looking for  New Babyloners to join the network of the research on Constant etc. names ???


make a searchable pdf with tesseract / hocr--- (Alexia is trying)
Ask Ann Mertens hoe has experience with Tesseract
put on and other platforms (list:....)

release files on piratebay

make torrent file BUT FIRST WE NEED TO WRITE A README TEXT!!!that tells a bit about source material but not much about what's happening here.just raw materials
and later release our version/elaboration (that refers back to raw materials)

possible translations of the materials,
tools to distribute
formats to re/distribute
find image details of construction of model (not city landscape but crafted variable structure)  nnb176-000

study a bit xanadu-make it work with diff texts

Paul Otlet
Tom O'Reilly - algorithmic regulation
Wiener on automation
Asger Jorn - Against Functionalism, Moverment for an Imaginist Bauhaus
Asger Jorn - The Situationists and Automation
Anattributed - Unitary Urbanism at the end of 1950s - 
. Guy Debord - society of the spectacle -
 Mcenzie Wark - new new babylon
 . Mark Wigley, ‘Architecture and Philosophy. Le Corbusier and the Emperor’s New Clothes’

Association of Autonomous Astronauts
Simon Nicholson - theory of loose parts

/// PUBLICATION (Library Genesis: weird russian database where we can find eBooks – you can download the whole library + website)
tor, (anticensorship, distributed networks – made for html and images, the lighter the material the better)


Faire des liens relatifs vers un CSS
Page statique
Page non-statique: charger des données avec Javascript
Ex: eBook reader 
Jquery récupérer tel et tel fichier html

Texte? Couper d’une manière ou d’une autre

Comment faire des liens vers des parties spécifiques


Markdown: conventions visuelles + sémantiques (code)
Vocabulaire d’email
traduction vers html / …

Write metadata in a separate space (not into the text), like in the upper part of the doc

Tags RDF

Collection de textes

.txt fil under the image

Origin: book Constant

XMP (serialized jpg) dialect of XML for images
edit the metadata without going through Photoshop

Dublin Core
Associate them metadata file with jQuery



with open("captions.txt") as file:
        files = file.readlines()
        for f in files:
                filename = f.split(' ', 1)[0]
                content = f.split(' ', 1)[1]
                filename = filename.replace('jpg','txt')
                print filename, content
                with open(filename, "a") as tt: