A Shell Script Essay.

>>> Tries to connect many the ideas discussed in a form of "on desktop" individual trip through the content //generated by the groups //discussed
>>> Deviation: A possibility to tunnel/connect _users that are going thru at the same time.

The script is an executable file in the server which starts from one line in the terminal. It requires administrative level, which creates a situation of trust between user and system.

Content might be experienced in its format (image, text, sound, moving image), or it might be displayed in different form by piping images to be displayed as sounds, texts to be read by system _universal access_ synthesized voice, or other possibilities.

Narrative: Should come from the group. But Imagined as a main timeline, which has several dviations and open to aloud the _user to loose itself in metalinks and drift out of the content.

The content can be download into _user machine, displayed from links, or (possibly) exchanged and displayed from other _user's conected at the moment. possibly use the content from the webserver connected to the GIT.