During a stroll around Zinneke, in an abandoned factory space, we found an old building, laying on the floor dismembered.


It looked like an exhibition of some sorts, and via the exhibition remainings we got to the story of this building...
Constructed by Victor Horta, one of the most famous Belgian architects, the Hotel Aubecq was a famous example of Art Nouveau scheduled for demolition in 1950.
Jean Delaye, a component of Horta's studio, struggled to save the facade of the building, which ended in his back yard until 1990.
The dismantled building was then moved to Namen, and a plan to rebuild the structure in Bruxelles started.
In 2010, a big project of digital reconstruction of the building started, including moving all the stones to Bruxelles for exhibiting them.
In 2011, though, the plan to reconstruct the facade was dropped, and with it the stones were left in the exhibition space.

That's where we found them..


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