>>The question of continuity

*a large circle*

There is some budget available to work on documentation of this and last editions
It is important for everyone to make the material more accessible

q: will the documentation, pads, be online?
a: aim to push this moment a bit further, as it would make it possible to let more people be part of making these discussions 
q: a static dump online(an archive)? dynamic online(possible to edit)?

Feature request: keep the archive, documentation writable.

Michael: continuation of the local server ...
Relearn is Not a top-down org that can take care of infra-work -- to do the best we can to distribute this. We will purge the machine. The etherpads will be dumped, so we can let go of the responsibilities. Static pages means everyone can still copy, paste ... there will be author colors + .txt version. This archive will be made available.

Proces of making a dump is a way of not having the need to maintain the server.
Taking the server down is also a way to get rid of any hierarchy (where one person, or group of people, would have access to the server's new location)
These are social processes as well. Not depend on the tools for outsourcing the responsible.
Keeping the server up for further collaboration is in a way a heavy promise... 
It is also maybe a false promise, forever waiting for collaboration. It can still flow, be reopenend.

What is the work of keeping etherpad
It's work to maintain the Etherpads. There are some Etherpads at the Constant server.
But Relearn doesn't belong to Constant. 
It's important that it's not (even symbolically) maintained by Constant not an automatic service;
Maintaining / taking care.
The work for static archives have been done so participants can leave with.

confidence that the static files will be accessible in 10 years

Infrastructure inventory:
- the mailinglist (hosted by Constant :-P) will be maintained by constant
- relearn.be osp server
- archives 2013, 2014, 2015: gitlab
- an irc channel #relearn at freenode.net
- webmail gandi.net -- osp

There is a publication edited from 2013

2015 relearn was organized by different people, outside of the 'usual' network? (really :-D?)
Is a 'static' version of organization needed for the continuation of Relearn ....... ?

There is the need to decide for relearn 2016!
the mailinglist only works a bit ... not for deciding on things like "will there be relearn"
Let's plant a seed.

somebody wants to commit now, to make a start at some point? 
there are some assumptions part of that descision
it could be a question from an interesting point-of-view, to choose for another location
Location: Brussels? Is it convenient (cos theres is a network, but would also be interesting to bring it somewhere else)
By the sea? The north sea?
For this edition, at some point, Rotterdam has been an option (issue of funding-we had to pay for the space)

example: Rotterdam

In Brussels there is the network of people that also takes care of hosting the partecipants.

- Would it be possible to link to a school(physical building)? Would Relearn want to make this connection?
Was asked to have it at PZI -- it was not possible. 
Does Relearn want to be at a school? No we prefer tax-offices. :)

Summer is busy. Have it at Fosdem, in february at ULB. super large.

Porto? Brazil? A network of people. Relearn needs a scene. a.pass for example would add a performance angle.

in Brazil: 
    http://nuvem.tk/?espa%C3%A7o-conceito-english - almost no INTERNET

in Liverpool:

We're exploring options.
Sleeping where we work. A camp? But we need to go home?

Ref: The Django convention. Rent Your Island

Marseille? Belle de mai? Let's see!
A propos de Nice?

timing / size
What about the rythm of Relearn's? Once a year? Perhaps longer 2 weeks?
Could it be smaller things? Or multiple versions? Easier to move around? Is it less work to organise small instances?

also a network : it could be happening in different places at the same time with a VPN

VPN ... private but multiple places. would be interesting to think about

What I like: Relearn is NOT about how tools will save everything. So let's not get stuck on what tool will solve our problem.

Relearn does not automatically happen. 

last year: there was a discussion, outcome: Relearn should happen, and should not be in Brussels
difficult promise to make

somebody else needs to pick it up

let's make a pad Relearn-2016 
[[.......]] it's on

in-between-step  meeting?
who would be interested to take up the task? there is budget for it. 
proposal: take a moment to sit together, somewhere, take all the dumps, try to make sense of them 

using the budget to pay someone to do it? or, use it to organize another gathering for those who are interested, use it to get together to work on documentation, including deciding what format. A 'booksprint', another scale. How you can develop this into material that can be used in other environments. As we do this / need to do this anyways for ourselves and so it is more fun to do it together. 

Interested in going trough 2013. There's a book!

Also interesting to see different levels of post-documents.
from publication (2013) --> to zip file / gitorious repository (2014) --> zip file (2015)

there has been a learning on how to use etherpad. place of git. different modules. 

what is the agency of tools? 

Less continuous updating as a result of not working via git (many files only uploaded today)

See who was there in the beginning of the week, and who left. In a way it is easy to ask us thoughts on relearn, We are survivors (or victims). 
Not a problem to be solved.

analysis: 2 people who didn't had a computer left
make sure to do formal feedback after first day

formal sign-out?

a more clear space to talk about the things people were bringing
could be something part of the infrastructure -- like a "sign out" page where people could say why they leave // or maybe in general... how you leave relearn...

we forgot about the dishwasher - shared responsabilities can be heavy
- "Relearn is beautiful but impossible" - it happened too fast? would liko to work at the documentation.
Many tunnels to traverse at the same time.

"tulip bulb planting" a lot of things we don't know yet.
start thinking of tracks already ... content wise, organisation, a research space. 

formations of interest. 
how are continuations of projects be spread and shared to the others?

(relearn also a network of networks. it might not need an additional platform?)
let's invite people to post their announcements/invitations with the relearn mailinglist.

first anouncement: 
Natacha and Juliane ...  Samedies that became Lundi ... it is an open group in Brussels for floss-learning.

external comment: no relearn was planned until march. spring alarm?

Relearn at WTC? It does not have a kitchen!
Zinneke will be sometimes be very intensely used. The building will be a communal space for Schaerbeek.

endurance ...
... or repetition,
or replication.

what we want to keep and what needs to go
are there limits of relearn


right to speak about Relearn? 
are these things that need to happen, it has to be experienced, in stead of be discussed?

inherent multiplicity ... it is personal 

conversation Sundaynight, the not-doing of presentations (presentations freak us out) was upon descided then.

a continuum, including organising. making the school as part of the school. this is what happened this week, what was attempted.

going less summery ? trying another mode

documentation sprint could already be a starting point. that is an experiment.

decided upon now:
but, there is an aim during this conversation to discuss and think 

How to speak about those experiments, how to start them

experimentation this year : playing with time, experimenting with the limits of the internet...

relearn as a test for learning education : testing the limits of what confront learning situations is important to do

working through topics? material conditions, material abstractions
experimenting with learning situations
exploring sets of restrictions (This time the network was explicity limited for instance)
Different things different people can do with Relearn

different scales. (a documentation sprint / organisation of the materials from past events)
(can it scale to the universe?) 

reroam : intuition that it is hard to reflect on the school during the 'school days' themselves. maybe it's not compatible with the reflections on learning situations

redefine school while it happens vs. a special place for reflection elsewhere. separate doing from thinking is hard.
(how to connect as well to parallel networks maybe like 80c ... http://eightycolumn.net/ ). Yes.
problematic because separating doing/thinking
cooking minestrone as a moment of reflection. 

issue with transversal ? it assumes there are tracks. trackless relearn at last !
no track no troubles?
interesting to look at the history of education
parallel with small schools in which there are students of different ages (unified school ?)


(one room schoolhouse)... need to find this place... no internet

many histories of informal schools. 

how formal or informal are meta tracks