meditation of expansion
 it's better to be seated, straight back 
 you put your hands on your belly, thumbs just below (around one inch) the navel - in the direction of your centre of gravity 
you let  breathing calmly - don't bother about counting  - just observing -  the timer will be put for 5 minutes, you can follow and quit when you want 
 again just observe calmly 
 then you visualize a ball of energy  (as your ki) at this center - as you want light, pulsation, ....
 then this ball expands and   envelopps you  and more ...
you visualize the balls expanding  around the planet .... to the universe
still breathing quietly you begin the return with the ball smaller and smaller 
when you arrive at your navel you do the same but going in the smaller dimensions 

you make some going and coming back  at your rythm 
the only important thing is coming back slowly to the center or in expansion when you are finished (timer and gong sound)

SAN TIAO      the three harmonizations 

1) Tao  Xing 
standing up or sitting 
you hang the top of your head to the sky and leave the rest of the body relaxed, (lowering your center of gravity in fact)
around 30 sec

2) Tao Xi  - harmonization of breathing 
you listen your breathing with respect , inhaling exhaling ....
you can use this "taoist" sentence (I lose the reference)  : "empty the old, absorb the new "  (rough translation )
I leave the persons at this 2 minutes 

here there is this concentration on a special breathing  
you have to be aware of the point in the root of your nose (called the "mysterious door" , XUAN GUAN)
*  inhaling,      you visualize the luminous ki, the breathing enter through this point 
from the inifinte to your body 
* exhaling  : from your body to the infinite 



tai chi  harmony 

balloons of energy 
* standing up 
* calm breathing 
from your hands at your tantien 
raise your arms in front of you, with the hands separated by around 10 cm, as they were holding a small balloon 
imagine the baloon full of energy, that begins pushing your hands 
inflating and during the deflating you approach your hands 

be aware of the feelings in your hands
finish with your hands at the tantien