This publication is a reflection of Relearn, a summer school organised by Open Source Publishing from the 26th to the 30th of August 2013, in Brussels. It was edited during the summer school by the participants and refined afterwards. As it is a restitution, there are different levels of content: written introductions are set in Latin Modern Prop Light 10, note taking is set in Not Courier Sans, a monospace font.




Autopia is a font made by Antoine Gelgon during the Can it scale to the universe worksession. It is used for the introduction texts.
It was made using autotrace with the stroke function. Whereas the software potrace would vectorize  shapes by the outline, autotrace has an option to vectorize the shapes by its skeleton.
Antoine fed autotrace with rastered font specimens of the font Utopia by Robert Slimbach, donated by Adobe in 2006 to the X Consortium and the TeX Users Group. 

Hershey Times, Hershey Futura, Hershey Script

Hershey fonts are stroke fonts drawn for engraving. Those variants were generated during the Gesturing paths worksession: the paths of the SVG files of the font were translated into Metafont.


All content produced during Relearn can be reused, modified and redistributed under any of these licenses:

The images that appear in small in the publication come from external sources and are the property of the respective authors. We use them under the right to quote. If you want to reuse them, please visit the original URL of the image to check if it's reusable or not and under what conditions.


These are the git repositories to the different Relearn projects. Please reuse, modify, redistribute as you wish, keeping the existing licences.

Relearn wiki

Relearn website, using Etherpad as an editing tool.

Can it scale to the universe?

Gesturing paths

This includes the Hershey metafonts.

Off grid

Xtreme Pattern Methods



This summer school could not have happened without the support of the Vlaamse Overheid and Constant VZW.

                  C O N S T A N T
                       V Z W 

What we say

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