Stuff to look at:

Document structure

You should think the structure and the layout as for web. Define boxes, areas as footer, header, margins, body. You will then fill those areas with elements as text area, columns…



pdf/tex/dvi generator online (from Simon):
A0 poster 2 column layout:


How its supposed work:
Layout package: how to draw package in a document not design the layout document itself;a=blob_plain;f=iceberg/tex-layout-package.png;h=9535e8ad24848ddda17a6310c6faaf21e3cd9fce;hb=HEAD
Layout diagram with layouts package.;a=blob_plain;f=iceberg/Screenshot+from+2013-08-30+17:05:57.png;h=7757cac69e5210143ce79b0219f1f84138a5edb1;hb=HEAD
Document layout with layouts package.


Basically, Multicol packpage deals the content considering the number of columns you want.
You need to force column break if you want to control whats in each column.

Package needed:

Syntax (with column break):

How to force column break:

Examples of issue:

Great documentation, ex. control of the grid:

How to import an .eps image

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