introducing by couple

introducing by couple

Colm by Stéphanie B

Colm, whose name is from Ireland, is studying graphic design in his last year in La Cambre school. He knows OPS from workshops he did there. He participates to the organization of the workshop as one of the official photographer and does a lot more with his friendly contact.

Stéphanie B by Colmac

Stéphanie studies in the school of Art and Design in Saint-Étienne, France. She is in her fourth year, in a department, which covers design at large. Her interest in F/LOSS came from her involvement in a research group of the school, focusing on Free Culture and Free Software. Her main interests reside in graphic design.

Christoph by Peter

Christoph (surname Haag) is from Augsburg, in Bavaria, Germany. His home town is also the home town of Bertolt Brecht, and they still celebrate his life by a festival each year (Brecht’s that is, not Christoph’s — YET; though of course, there will be a fair few in that town who wish to celebrate Christoph’s birthday even now). Christoph studied in Cologne, doing a non-conventional design degree. It was a four-year course, and at the end, from the humble births of a throwaway project to do with demonstrating the electronic transmission of sound waves, he and three others found their first taste of fame. This project, manifested as an interactive installation, was picked up by galleries accross the globe, as far abrest as Sao Paulo, and the Arnolfini art gallery in Bristol, UK. The group travelled the world and no doubt the wisdom held true amongst the young men: “what goes on tour, stays on tour.” (!) Peter was privileged to visit that same exhibition in Bristol in 2010 (where nine months previously he had bumped into Eric, also of OSP and renowned tight pants mega-initiative). Christoph had previously met Simon from our dear workshop, at the Libre Graphics Meeting in Madrid, in 2013. Christoph does not like presenting his ideas but is a fascinating, very knowledgeable and humble person of whom one might say “He really knows what he’s NOT talking about.” (Peter on the other hand wishes to say nearly everything he thinks, including what the Beastie Boys might call “some crazy bulls***t”.)  If you get a chance, speak to Christoph, and you too may wish to hear him one day SING! 

Peter by Christoph

He is a librarian from Bristol working at Bath Spa University. Born in Wales with roots in Scotland and living in England, so completely British. Interested in ballet and football and is a very knowledgeable person and nice guy to talk to.

Caroline by Ludivine

Caroline is 30 years old and teaches at Erg, which makes at least two things in common with me. She is from Liège but feels like a real Brusseleer. She founded the studio “Kidnap your designer” in 2006 and was joined by Damien about 2 years later. The studio mainly works in the cultural field in Belgium and France. They recently drew the identity of a project called La Panacée in Montpellier. Following Stefan Sagmeister’s philosophy, she considers the end of this seven year period as a good moment to requestion her practice.  So, it sounds like a moment where Relearn is right on time.

Ludivine by Caroline

She studied typography at École Estienne, in Paris for four years. Just after graduating she moved to Brussels, at first for an internship at Speculoos. She then worked with there for four years and eventually joined the OSP project. She is now totally devoted to OSP and her lessons at Erg, where she teaches typography (BAC 1-2-3). She is 30 years old and she did a parachute jump for this occasion and “allez c’est chouette”.

PierreH by Eleanor

is a graphic designer and teacher of Book Doing and Print Making (before the binding) at La Cambre; is from Brussels; works in OSP; has his own design agency Speculoos; connects analog and digital tools; has very nice pieces of Franglais that you can taste immediately.

Eleanor by PierreH

I knew a bit the part concerning her Piet Zwart post master, in Networked Media. She is interested in how groups are working and dialoguing. Some of the previous workshops she proposed were about consensus and dissensus. She made an experimental collaborative drawing session using a Ouija board (spiritism).   U R NEVER ALONE She’s now doing a residency in Constant Variable for 3 weeks.

Antoine by Kévin

Student at ÉSAD Valence, intern at OSP since the beginning of the month. Before that he came from suburbs of Paris where he studied graphic design. His graduation subject is about Gilbert Simondon.

Kévin by Antoine

Kévin is: the founder of Club Lettreur; works with Salut Public; studied at La Cambre in Typography.

Claire by Lasse

Claire works: with Wendy in Constant Variable; with textile and now electronics; on invisible cloth!

Lasse by Claire

Lasse is studying at the Piet Zwart Institute. He is a graphic and web designer and is currently working on a project around the use of photostock pictures in graphic design.

Niek by Pierre M.

He is an artist from Rotterdam, actually studying at the Piet Zwart Institute. He is very impatient to leave Rotterdam. …confusion & vagueness >

Pierre M. by Niek

Pierre M. is part of OSP. He smokes a lot. He used to be an artist before moving to the countryside. Pierre has been doing, among other things, cartography and forestry. Being isolated lead him scratch the Linux code and go on the Internet. Pierre designed pizza menus but doesn’t design no more since he is in Brussels but does programming, which is actually design.

Juancho by Cyril

Juancho:  is from Madrid; just gradutated; works as a freelance now; did an Erasmus exchange in Portugal; has one sister.

Cyril by Juancho

Cyril is from Lyon in France. He studied Fine Arts, and is now doing an internship at Kidnap your  designer. He started to study medicine before moving to Fine Arts and Graphic Design. He has two brothers.

Vincent by Magda and Femke

He is French. He moved to Brussels three years ago after studying graphic design in France. He is already interested in programming. He works with Kidnap your designer, developing his own practice on the side. He studied at Erg only for a year (that’s enough).

Magda by Femke and Vincent

She is a researcher in the UK, in digital economies. She is interested in Free Software practices and its relation to  curating. She is currently doing a PhD.

Femke by Magda and Vincent

She is a teacher at Erg. Her course is named “Toolbending”. She has been teaching since 1996. She is also a graphic designer. In 2003, she came to Brussels to work with Constant VZW. She writes articles about Open Source stuff. I (Vincent) forgot to say that she founded the Piet Zwart Media Design course with Mathew Fuller! She put this more into practice and use those tools. She co-founded OSP in 2006 and is still close to them but now focuses on a research labs in Open Source.

Christina by Thomas

She is interested by conditional design. She is Romanian, and studied in Birmingham where she has been doing some Processing.

Thomas by Christina

French, lives in Holland.

Sarah by Anne

Sarah joined OSP after Erg | after collaborative work in graphic design, and passionate about how code makes design | also archivist | developing an archive of immersive (digital) art

Anne by Sarah

Teacher Arts deco Strasbourg | Arts Hors Formats, teaching about interferences btwn arts & cmptr | Anarchéologie des médias / Medias Anarcheology | writer, thesis about preservation of digital art | zkm project

Damien by Samuel

French & Irish | part of Kidnap your designer | interested by learning | teaching at Erg

Samuel by Damien

Studied graphic design at Strasbourg Arts Décos | interships in Brussels and London and Strasbourg | looking for a job | appreciates graphic design without manierism | follows OSP from Strasbourg | uses free fonts, also from OSP

Lydia by Simon

From Portugal | Med ia Design P iet Zwart master | after graduation | politics

Gijs by Lidia

A website at eleven years old | sabattical year before college | internship at OSP | finding how to combine design and programming

Simon by Gijs

Ex-alcoholic moved to gambling | graphic design in Zurich | then exchange Royal College in London then xxxx | wrote a thesis about typography where shapes are influenced by the tools | makes tools | a font with opentype features, which responds to the text | metaflop | metapolator | with a nice cat (on picture)

Marie by Loraine

Know each other | met at Erg | editorial practices | involved in the same projects, around books mostly | after graduation, created La Houle | with a translator | literacy texts | translations | internship at a studio in London | and now at St Bride Library | publishing/graphic design + libraries/taxonomy

Loraine by Marie

Loraine was involved in publication + students council | starts to focus on publishing | medium, economics and structure | from Lausanne | more involved in collaboration, near OSP | connection between paper and digital | hoping to begin a PhD soon on small press — interview on Wednesday | Marie discovered Constant and introduced it to Loraine

Stéphanie V. by Eric

Stéphanie was born at the same era as Eric | Is from around Grenoble | drawing mangas as kid | bought a Wacom tablet | design school, shifted to starch appproached, ending up in the Netherlands | Rennes, Valence (strong connection, with Alex) | internship in Paris before Rotterdam | extracting herself from French culture to the tiny bright star in the North | meeting Femke (and Wendy) in Rotterdam | forging Constant relation | graduating from PZI | moving to Brussels, as the carrefour de l’Occident | se tting up st din | joining OSP | interested in how to practice tools + copyright!

Eric by Stéphanie V.

Met Eric three years ago | impressed all OSP with silver tight pants, and his ability to make a statement to mix things that seems opposed like maths and these pants | wrote a letter to OSP, a touching one | background in multi-disciplinary arts, graphic design amongst others | tries also to get a PhD at Kask | was teaching at The Hague | now teaching at Erg

Harrison by Pierre H.

Met Harrisson and flyers in the toilets of Schaerbeek, full of Coca-Cola. A super excited guy was behind the flyer. | Harrisson can sometimes be a bit stressy, but is cool most of the time. They did a conference together in Berlin. He’s interested in SciFi. | Now doing a lot for Charleroi (Eden) | Stretched between Open Source and other stuffs (like working for free for a concert place/squat in Swizerland) | Putting up the Invisible University (before discovering it’s also the name of a sect) | They like to share things over the BBQ | Harrisson is a bit upset to miss the summer school.

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