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off grid → notes.html

S L Sarah oop to create a patter Eric n S of text

S C Sarah reate a text file S Sarah Name of the S

S O pen your terminal S and run the following command (you have to be in the S right directory) S . S T hen you S ll see your pattern that you will be able to copy and paste to an S . xpm file S .

S Brainstorm of things we want to experiment

OSP Claire shows examples of what she knitted with her hacked knitting machine: cellular automatas, text which glitched randomly, changing the resolution of an image, a S . OSP wav OSP Caroline sound put into an image viewer to the knitting machine S .
OSP Caroline Wendy shows an experiment together with Claire with the hacked knitting machine: 1 left hand and 5 right hands, you leave the left hand in place, and you can change the position of your right hand and interact with the computer S . H OSP Caroline ands are all different but they were supposed to be the same, what happened?
OSP Caroline Magda: reference to a crochet piece of fractals S .
Committer : magda - Wed, 28 Aug 2013 09:41:36 - i changed "-" into "." as it was confusing something and not readig the file properly, i will change also the sh file and will put it in a moment

Peter The Lorenz manifold S , S Peter equations that describe the nature of chaotic systems S Peter possible to crochet it:
OSP Caroline Open source embroidery S collaborative project OSP Caroline : Ele Carpenter

OSP Caroline HTML patchwork S : S
OSP Caroline How to stretch the strict constraints of a patchwork S ? S E Diane ach person fill S s Diane the grid the way S one Diane want S s S C Sarah ollectiv S e Sarah work?
OSP Caroline Peter:  S I OSP Caroline nterested in S OSP Caroline patterns of words Sarah (meaning of words) S G OSP Caroline enerating words, conjunctions S W OSP hen knitting in groups when he was 11, discussions coming out of the situation S C Peter omments, other records of our collective process S . Peter S H Peter ow can these be S woven Peter into the tapestry we create S ? Peter S P Peter ersonally I like this book, think it S Peter s useful S : Peter S A Peter meter as unit of poetic measurement also as S a Peter coded grid of a weaving or knitted pattern, providing perhaps the structure withi n which we learn, collaborate, produce. e S . Peter g S . Peter Peter . Could this be used somehow as the basis of a generative algorithm by which we combine our individual outputs. Then, stretch this S off Peter the grid S .
OSP Caroline Caroline S : S I OSP Caroline nterested in cellular automata S . S S OSP Caroline arah: hard to use with java Sarah : for most of the people you have to install a new java-version S . S P Diane rocessing programme Diane cf S . Diane knittings of claire
OSP Caroline Alex S OSP Caroline s old experiments with recycling digital images: S OSP
OSP Caroline Magda: S P OSP Caroline roject which translates each color of an image into a sound S : OSP

S M Sarah ix/add/cross/combine every pattern we already made S . S P Sarah atchword grid? S Sarah tay in grid or go off grid directly S . S C Sarah onnections between patterns S . S S Sarah tart with existing pattern in S V Sarah ariable S Sarah house (floors) S . S P Diane ortug S u Diane ese houses with tiles falling off S and replaced by different type of tiles. S One Diane side of the S Diane motif S Diane is connected and the other ones not S . P Diane ieces are not filled = hole S . S G Sarah oing from textile to digital to textile again: translation S . S T Sarah ry S XPM Sarah with the patterns of the morning S .
S Hexadecimal c Diane olor codes for S XPM: Diane 16 S digits Diane instead of 10: S 0 Diane 1 S Diane 2 S Diane 3 S Diane 4 S 5 S Diane 6 S Diane 7 S Diane 8 S Diane 9 S Diane A S Diane B S Diane C S Diane D S Diane E S Diane F Diane RGB colors= 3 groups of 2 letters or numbers Diane ex S . Sarah # Diane FF Sarah Diane FF Sarah Diane FF = white 

B S asic code for XPM

  • Wendy /* XPM */
  • Wendy static char * name_of_file[] = {
  • S /* Here you determine the number of lines (640), the number of columns (400), the number of colors (2), and the definition ("1" means 1 character = 1 pixel) */
  • Wendy "640 400 2 1",
  • Wendy "     c #FFFFFF",         space is white
  • Wendy ".    c #009CFF",        . is a kind of blue  
  • S /* Your characters here */
  • Wendy " Sarah ... ", Wendy  
  • Wendy "};

Claire A S n Claire example S . xpm Claire file opened with a viewer S (Okular, Gimp, Gthumb, etc. Note that Okular is more permissive than the others with errors.):

W Sarah ednesday

S G Sarah ather all the pattern S s. S B Sarah ring the pattern out of the grid S . S F Sarah ind other ways to create this pattern S Sarah more easily S . S L Magda ayering and developing language that we share so we are able to talk about what we are doing S .
We try new XPM files to try to handle it. Some problems appear: transpar S e ncy, random colo S u rs, different view dependi ng on S the computer we look S with . Translating patterns or fixing S XPM problems? What shall we do, the next couple of days? Two paths enfold.
- Diane (minus sign) seems to be problematic Diane Magda r S e Diane placed it and the pattern is now readable
S T Diane rying to merge our pat Anne t Diane erns together as layers S . Diane PierreM introduce S s Diane : Potrace Library API S Diane S P eter Selinger
S , S O Diane pen XPM files with S I Diane n S k Diane scape to vectorise them: S P Diane ath S /T Diane race bitmap S W Diane endy made a quiet S Diane tribal S Diane pattern S which Diane make S s Diane me think about mola S Diane s in S P Diane anama S .
Wendy Imagemagick: used to make animations S , see
Wendy Glitch Psychedelica S , S , Wendy MriauW!
Claire Exploring the S XPM Claire files and ways to vectorise them with S I Claire nkscape and S Po Claire trace.
Claire We then decided to S draw Claire with S a Claire plotter the different formats and results our initial S ASCII Claire pattern went through.
Claire T Anne r Claire anslations of formats S that Claire transform the original grid, overlays to see its maze to finally get through! Claire Inkscape is really the best programme where you can visualise your S XPM Claire file (imagemagick is more picky!)
Claire The idea of a patchwork of the groups work comes back.
Committer : DianeSteverlynck - Wed, 28 Aug 2013 14:38:24 - adding shade, 2 color grid- trying to see how inskape translate it to vector

Claire Managed to put all of the diff S e Claire rent S XPM Claire patterns and create a patchwork where we can slightly see the different r S h Claire ythms of pixels showing the different patterns. Although it should show everybod S y’ Claire s pattern it has a very diff S e Claire rent result to what expected!  Wendy Here S Wendy s the pdf!;a=blob;f=mixpattern2.pdf;h=0f070701c80fc7494c2aca390b03b328d055bcc4;hb=HEAD
And here is the original S XPM Claire file S :;a=blob;f=mixtexte.pdf;h=2e5adb8f70ae0635026c1a68fc2e875662d0bc22;hb=HEAD;a=blob;f=mixtexte.pdf;h=2e5adb8f70ae0635026c1a68fc2e875662d0bc22;hb=HEAD;a=blob;f=mixtexte.pdf;h=2e5adb8f70ae0635026c1a68fc2e875662d0bc22;hb=HEAD
Wendy We plotted with Robocut, the Silhouette Cameo vinylcutter equipped with a 3 S D Wendy printed head and a bic pen. Wendy We will go through the images of our plotter adventures. S Wendy We plotted our bash script: Wendy    
S Wendy Plot of the outcome of the bash script: Wendy This is not a plot, but a colour print of this file, transformed into .xpm S :
Wendy The .xpm Wendy was vector S is Wendy ed with autotrace, via the commandline S :

Committer : lidia-pereira - Wed, 28 Aug 2013 14:03:58 - So this is one of my first experiences with the tracing bitmap thingy on inkscape. I was having fun with the different outcomes I could get, so I created another pattern by layering them one on top of the others.

Wendy All previous images had the same file to start with. Wendy This is a mix of the bash script of Lidia and a heavily shifted three colour plot of the vectori S s Wendy ed version of her .xpm S .

Wendy A mix of Claire S Wendy s .xpm Wendy code and a vectorized version of this image.
Wendy At the end, Claire put all the code we generated into .xpm , she added them and it produces this complex pattern. We printed in in colour. You see some pictures of the image and the code S :

Claire To finish S , Claire here are a few examples of the whole work process:;a=tree;f=layers/iceberg


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